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Have Fun Doing What You Love

This is likely pretty obvious if you already have a successful business or maybe even a failed business. It’s easy to get excited when starting a business. If it’s something you are not passionate about (or at least enjoy doing), you will probably fizzle out at some point and lose...


4 Essentials of Starting a Service Based Business

You can start a service type business based on what you know and are good at. It just happens that I’m good at window cleaning. I started cleaning windows professionally back in 2004. I’ve worked for multiple companies and many other window cleaners in my area. I’ve learned a lot...


How to Develop a More Pleasant Personality

Life is like a boomerang. What you give out is what you tend to receive. So you can ask yourself: What am I giving out in my interactions with other people? Most of us are not happy, joyful or positive all of the time. Depending on what we have been...

The 3 Steps to Getting Results in Business and Life 8

The 3 Steps to Getting Results in Business and Life

Have you ever wanted certain results in your life and didn’t know how to go about proceeding? That’s where this is an excellent process you can apply in your life to get the kind of results you would like. These three steps are like a blueprint for getting results. Although...


The Mindset to Have When Starting a New Business

(Even though this article is focussed on the kind of mindset you want to have when starting a new business, this knowledge can be applied to anything in your life with great results.) Starting a new business can be challenging to say the least. Therefore your mindset is a key...

The Teachability Index – Start Here First! 3

The Teachability Index – Start Here First!

The Teachability Index All human beings have amazing potential.  We have unlimited possibilities. Learning any new skill fundamentally hinges on something known in personal development circles as the ‘Teachability Index.’ What is the Teachability Index? It is the multiplying of 2 states: 1. A willingness/desire to learn 2. A willingness/desire...

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