Window Cleaning Business Success Secrets

Window Cleaning Business Success Secrets

Have you ever wanted to start your own service business?  Are you sick and tired of working for/with people you don’t want to work with/for?  Would you like to have the freedom to schedule time off for vacations when you like?  And would you like to set the rates for what you get paid?

Let me reassure you that this is possible for you.  I know this because I have built a successful, profitable window cleaning business form the ground up and you can too.


Please note: There are no guarantees/promises that you will make any money in any venture without commitment, perseverance, and hard work.  Nothing on this website is intended to be financial advice.  Remember that you are responsible for your finances, to pay your taxes on time, to follow local laws responsibly, have appropriate insurance policies in place, and for the results that you intend to create.  You have the power.


About the Author

My name is William R King and I’ve now been enjoying a very nice income running my own business exclusively since 2012.  Before that, I was an employee/subcontractor for a number of window cleaning companies since 2005.

Before that I jumped from job to job never really feeling happy & content in the multitude of jobs I was trying out. When I began cleaning glass at a restaurant in Calgary, Albera, Canada in 2004 I realized that this was something I could see myself doing for years to come.

In 2005 I moved back to the Lower Mainland area of BC, Canada & promptly found a job with a local window cleaning company cleaning commercial storefront windows.  I stuck with that job for a year and a half and learned how to clean commercial windows effectively & efficiently.

After nearly burning out, I chose to find work elsewhere and started subcontracting for a different window cleaning company cleaning commercial storefront glass.  It was great.  I had regular window cleaning routes, less workload than the previous job, and because I was using my own equipment/vehicle I got paid more.

As a sub-contractor I was earning more money and working less.  I was quite happy working in this situation.  Then my boss had me train his son to clean windows.  After a while I was let go.

Have you ever experienced the stress of zero job security?  I was sure experiencing that at that time.  It was also very stressful because I was dating someone who I would later marry and I had no job and no money.  Amazingly, she stuck with me despite my being broke, having no income, and being in debt.

I managed to find a few, decent sized jobs here and there cleaning windows & doing handyman tasks for various companies in my area.  At that time I had a strong desire to build my own service based business serving cities of Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Well, in short, I was too afraid to take action on that dream and ended up going back to work for the same company I worked for back in 2005.  I brought a great attitude & the intention to renew my work ethic since it had deteriorated after a divorce in 2007.  I stuck with that employer for as long as I could to improve on my work ethic & attitude.

In 2012, my wife and I committed to attending a retreat called the “Abundant Living Retreat” in Palm Springs, California despite my being in debt and having a small income.  This experience was a game changer for us both.

The work I did on myself at that Retreat somehow reinvigorated my desire to create a business and life that I love.  So much so that when we returned from the retreat in March 2012, I discussed my plans with my wife to go into business for myself.  She was very supportive and was even willing to float us with her job/income until I grew my business so it was providing enough for us to live on.

I then gave my employer my 2 weeks notice.  Once those 2 weeks were up, I was officially on my way to building my small business.

Of course, things started slow.  I tried various ways of offering my services in my community.  I started with flyers & got very little response.  Then I contacted various companies that hire sub-contractors and managed to get a few regular jobs cleaning car dealership windows.

Next was to really focus on building a website that attracted and got me lots of customers.  This was the key to really launching my business.  Once I had created a website with a system of attracting clients and creating happy customers, there was no looking back.

Our family business has grown exponentially each year since I made the decision to commit to building a successful business in March 2012.

Want to Start Your Own Business?

I reassure you (if you are still reading this) that this is possible for you.  I know it is because I have done it myself & my business continues to grow each year I’m in business.

You absolutely can create a successful and profitable business that provides you and your family income for many years to come.  Remember that it takes commitment, focus, and hard work to get it rolling, yet once it is producing for you, it will become easier to maintain your business.

The intention of this blog is to share my experience of building a successful, profitable window cleaning business with you.  If you have a desire to create your own business/company that will provide you a nice income for years to come, then this is a good place to start researching the steps to do it.