About Me


This is a website intended to be a resource where you can learn the principles about how to build a successful window cleaning business from scratch.  Whether you are looking for window cleaning tips, or how to start your own window cleaning business, this is the place to find answers to your questions.


My name is William King.  I have been cleaning windows professionally since 2004 in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada and I decided to make a creative outlet where I could share the things I have learned so others could benefit from my experience.  So I decided to create a website where I could share my knowledge with others and windowcleanersecrets.com was born.


My intention is to create a resource where you can learn about window cleaning for free no matter who you are.  The plan is to begin with blog post’s, then create video content, and eventually offer an online course entitled: “How to Create a Successful Window Cleaning Business.”


Since a large part of building a successful business has to do with your thinking, you may enjoy reading articles I post periodically in the personal development category.


My Story

I’ve been the go-getter, been thru many struggles, was homeless at one point even, had so many jobs I can’t even count, worked on drilling rigs, commercial fishing boats, many different trades, moved close to fifty times, been bankrupt, went thru divorce, overcame alcoholism, and other addictions, listened to a ton of personal development audiobooks, and I even joined an expensive success club to get away from being broke (and in reality it just put me deeper in debt.)


In April 2012 I gave my 2 weeks notice to my window cleaning employer & went on my own to build my business from scratch.


Fortunately I had the support of my wife who was working at the time.  We lived off her income until my business was generating enough income where she could quit her job.  She hasn’t had to go back to a job since she left in 2013.


In the beginning of my business, I struggled to get jobs.  I gave out cards, delivered flyers in my neighbourhood, I spent months building a business website, wrote blog post’s online to hopefully attract clients, did subcontract jobs for other companies.  I also drove 100’s of miles to do quotes for another company when I was flat broke and didn’t even have money for fuel.


I also learned how to build my own business website and it’s been generating so many customers for me over the years that our business keeps growing every year.


I’m introverted, so it can be a little more challenging for me to put my story out there, but l do want to inspire people out there that are struggling to make ends meet to know it can be better.


You CAN build a business whether it’s in cleaning windows or some other service.  You first have to believe it’s possible for you and then have a strong determination to continue doing the necessary actions towards building a business and life you love.


I encourage you to continue working on your belief that you can do this.  You have to be your own coach at first.  It takes drive, a focussed determination to succeed no matter what may stand in your way.


Listen to inspirational audiobooks that inspire you to succeed in achieving your goals.  Set goals. How much money do you want to make in a day? $100? $250? $500? $1000?  These numbers are absolutely possible as you become more skilled, confident,


It will be hard in the beginning, yet with time, you will get better and you can and will succeed as long as you stick with your vision of creating a successful business.


Keep going.  Keep at it.  I’m here to give you encouragement and guidance in doing this as I’ve done it myself and my business is continuing to grow each year.