Learning How to Clean Windows

Learn How to Clean Windows


Are you thinking of starting a window washing business?  A good place to begin is to first learn how to clean windows.


If you haven’t done it before, you may not even know if you will like it.  There’s not much point in committing to starting a business doing something you don’t enjoy unless you first know if this is something you really want to do.


Get the Basic Tools


In order to learn how to clean windows, you will need at least a few of the basic tools to get you started.  The initial cost is very minimal (depending on where you choose to buy of course.)  You should be able to purchase a basic window cleaning kit online.



Prices will vary based on website, country, currency, shipping, and the level of kit you are interested in starting with, so it’s always advisable to shop around and compare prices.


There are many stores that sell window cleaning supplies online.  Since I live in Canada, I usually shop at squeegees.net.  A great supplier based in Seattle, USA is Windows101.com.


If you’re located in another country, you should be able to search online for a supplier closer to you to keep shipping rates to a minimum.


If you’re on a shoestring budget, you can likely find a mop and squeegee at The Home Depot or at a janitorial supply in your area.


Start Practicing


Before you get any of your own jobs/customers, you want to at least know the basic steps for cleaning windows.  If you have no prior experience, you can start practicing as soon as you have your basic tools in hand.


Once you have your equipment, I would recommend practicing on the windows where you live.  Another option can be to go to a commercial/industrial park after hours and practice cleaning a bunch of windows.


Getting a job as an employee with a cleaning company in your area is another excellent way of getting the necessary experience you will need to become an expert window washer.


I personally signed on with a local small company back in 2005.  He hired me to maintain his commercial window cleaning routes.   It was extremely challenging at first to clean so many windows each day with so little experience, but I stuck with it because I was up to the challenge and really wanted to make window cleaning my profession.


The learning curve may have been tough at first, yet it was truly valuable experience because I learned to clean windows good, fast, and proficiently.


Make the Commitment


Success truly begins when you choose to commit to learning the skills necessary to become an expert window cleaner.  Thinking in a long-term sense will help to keep you focussed on your vision of building a successful window cleaning business that will provide you and your family income for years to come.


Learning the 4 stages to mastery can be very helpful as you train yourself to become an expert window cleaner.  This can take years, so you want to be sure you’re going to enjoy this profession if you’re going to stick with it and build a profitable business with this learnable skill.


“Commit to a long-term vision of having your own successful business.”
William R King


Become Highly Skilled


If you are currently working for a company cleaning glass, then you likely have a decent amount of skill and experience depending on how long and how much glass you have cleaned so far.


If you are not, then it may take a little longer to become highly skilled since your skill is interlaced with the amount of experience you have in cleaning glass.


Skill comes from practicing, practicing, and more practicing.  You can practice for free on your own, you can get a job at a company and get paid to practice daily, and/or you can start getting your own regular calls and begin to make money right away.


Time Frame


The nice thing about training yourself to be an expert window cleaner is that it takes relatively little money to get you started.


As I’m sure you are aware, learning any new skill can take a substantial amount of time to master.  Knowing that it can take a time investment of potentially multiple years to learn how to clean windows like a pro is good to know.


The key to success is sticking with it for years.  This is not a short-term goal, although it’s good to set small goals to keep you going along the way.




Can you see yourself having your own business where you call the shots?  Can you have the long-term vision in your mind of having a successful/profitable business that provides you and your family with a really nice income for years to come?


“If you can dream it, you can do it.”
Walt Disney


A powerful way to move yourself to a desired outcome is to make time to actually visualize your future the way you wish it to be.  This is an activity that I’ve been doing for years and it’s been one of the key activities to my successfully reaching so many of my goals.


Before I ever had a successful window cleaning business, I dreamed and visualized having it.  I visualized going on vacation to the Caribbean, California, Hawaii, New York, etc. and I have achieved all of those goals.


This is one of the greatest secrets to my success.  Before you achieve anything worthwhile in life you must see it clearly in your mind as if you have already done it.  Then as you take inspired action towards your vision, you will find yourself achieving your dreams and goals.


Even though you may become really good and proficient at cleaning all sorts of glass and frames at different heights and locations, it will also take time to build a system that will create new customers for your business for years to come (more on this in a future post.)


Despite all of these factors, know that this is possible for you to do.  I know because I have built a successful window cleaning business and you can too.


First though, you want to be sure to learn the basics of how to clean windows.  This is the foundation of creating a successful window cleaning business.  This is also something you can visualize.  Commit to becoming great at cleaning windows.  It is a skill, an art, and it can pay you extremely well.


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William King

William currently lives in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada with his wife Natasha and cat Noah. He has been cleaning windows professionally since 2004. William has worked for multiple window cleaning companies as both an employee and a subcontractor until he committed to building his own business in 2012. His business has grown since to provide a very nice income for the family. Natasha manages the office and accounting of the business as it continues to grow. With 28+ years of experience in the cleaning industry, William's intention with this website is to share his experience and knowledge with people who would like to learn how to create their own window / gutter cleaning service business.

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