The Mindset to Have When Starting a New Business

(Even though this article is focussed on the kind of mindset you want to have when starting a new business, this knowledge can be applied to anything in your life with great results.)

Starting a new business can be challenging to say the least. Therefore your mindset is a key part to keeping you going when the going gets tough. Depending on where your mindset is at, it will either carry you to greatness or it can bring you to despair.

If you look at your thinking/mindset as a wave, there can be peaks and valleys, highs and lows, thoughts that help and ones that hurt. The key to riding the wave of your mind is by becoming the observer of your thoughts rather than believing them all.

When you believe every thought that floats through your mind, it can create a lot of stress in your life. When you can become the observer of thoughts that come into your mind, this practice can relieve a lot of stress previously created from buying into every thought in your mind.

Questioning Stressful Thoughts

If you can come to the realization that not all thoughts are true, then you can begin to question every stressful thought that your mind creates. A simple way of questioning a stressful thought is by asking yourself “Is that true?” and then really being honest with your answer. In almost every case of questioning a stressful thought, you will find that it is not true. And when you realize it’s not true, there’s no need to believe the thought anymore.

When you begin to find yourself practicing this simple question regularly, your mindset will begin to change. Things that used to be insurmountable challenges for you will begin to melt away in oblivion. Life becomes easier when we question our stressful thoughts instead of just believing them.

What does all of this have to do with starting a business?

Sometimes the biggest holdback when starting a new business or any project is limiting beliefs we might have about ourselves. I like to call them excuses. I’m too ____. I’m not ____. I can’t ____. I need ____ in order to ____. Fill in the blanks with excuses you say to yourself.

When you can begin to recognize your limiting beliefs and question them, usually they are not true. You’ve been believing lies your mind has been telling you that are holding you back from your success. When you begin to question your thoughts, and find they’re not true, it will be a lot easier to stop making excuses and take action towards your goals and dreams.

Where Do Stressful Thoughts Come From?

(This is my viewpoint and opinion and there may be a million different viewpoints and opinions on the subject.)

In my experience, our stressful thoughts come from our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind can be viewed as a scared little child who remembers all the times you’ve been hurt and is trying its best to protect you from ever being hurt again.

If you can begin to view stressful thoughts as a scared little child that starts yelling louder and louder as you step farther out of the ‘comfort zone’, you can learn to simply ‘hear’ the thoughts for what they are (a scared little child).  Then gently question them with a spirit of compassion and understanding, and proceed towards your dreams and goals anyways.

The Mindset of A Winner

The secret to creating a business and life of your dreams is to question all stressful thoughts, see them for what they are (a scared little child trying to protect you and they’re usually not true) and then continue moving towards your business and life goals.

This is the mindset of a winner. When you honestly and consistently question your stressful thoughts realizing they are not true and buying into the belief they are true has been holding you back from achieving your dreams and goals, you will realize you can accomplish anything now.

You will begin to move confidently in the direction you choose for yourself. You will find it easier to take consistent action in your business and in your life. Your relationships will improve. You will have less drama in your mind because you’re seeing the thought for what it is; a scared child. You will have more energy, more belief that you can build a successful business and a happy life.

Now go forth with this new mindset you can now have/build a business and life of your dreams! You dreams are waiting for you to arrive. Keep taking a step every day toward them and you not only will arrive, it will be a more pleasant process as you begin to find yourself enjoying your journey in this adventure I call “life.”

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William King

William currently lives in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada with his wife Natasha and cat Noah. He has been cleaning windows professionally since 2004. William has worked for multiple window cleaning companies as both an employee and a subcontractor until he committed to building his own business in 2012. His business has grown since to provide a very nice income for the family. Natasha manages the office and accounting of the business as it continues to grow. With 28+ years of experience in the cleaning industry, William's intention with this website is to share his experience and knowledge with people who would like to learn how to create their own window / gutter cleaning service business.

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8 Responses

  1. hafong says:

    Very well said! The question, Is that true, reminds me of Katie Byron. I happened to stumbled onto one of her books a few months ago.

  2. I wish I read this when I got my life insurance license to start MLM business years ago. I quickly just gave up. I’ve made up my mind not to give up blogging until I’ve exhausted all avenues to bring it to success.

    • WoW! Thank you for the huge compliment Meredith! You can do it. All it takes is consistent action on a regular basis. Abandon goal timelines. You will succeed. You may not know how or when. As long as you keep moving forward you will reach your goals. 🙂

  3. Great post. Yes, mindset is definitely a big player when it comes to moving forward and succeeding in your business. I definitely resonated with the concept of becoming the observer of your thoughts. Thanks!

  4. Excellent post. I love it that you say to question your negative thoughts and ask, “Are they true?” We sure do know how to sabotage ourselves, don’t we? And you’re right. They do come from our sub-conscious mind, our own programming. Although, some of that programming may have come from our parents, teachers, peers or whatever too, and we chose to believe them. Very good. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! Take care.

    • William says:

      You are so right Jeanne. We all are programmed from a young age by our parents, teachers, peers etc. It’s so nice when we realize we have the power to change our programming by starting to question it. Thanks for your comment Jeanne!

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