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How To Make $600+ Cleaning Roofs + Gutters

Let me first start off with saying “Yes it is possible to make $600+ a day sweeping off roof debris and clearing out gutters!”

If you are considering starting a business in the home service industry know that you can do it. Maybe you have some skills and some know how to figure things out.


Using Ladders for Cleaning Windows

Using a Ladder for Cleaning Windows Cleaning windows effectively involves using ladders. In this article I’ll share ladder types, applications, accessories, and safety tips.  Let’s get started. Ladders are necessary for cleaning second floor windows and higher. (Unless you have a water-fed pole window cleaning system.) If you’re just starting out...


Quote Jobs – Part 1

Series: How to Quote Jobs This is part 1 of a 3 part series on ‘How to Quote Jobs’ for your window cleaning service business. Click here to read Part 2.   Part 1: Gathering Information Before you prepare a quote for your potential customer, here is the information you will...


How to Attract Lots of Customers

How to Get Tons of Customers   1.  Have a Business Website   Having a business website is of great importance to attract potential customers to the services your business offers.   When your website adds value to people by accurately presenting your services to your community, they will want...


Learning How to Clean Windows

Learn How to Clean Windows   Are you thinking of starting a window washing business?  A good place to begin is to first learn how to clean windows.   If you haven’t done it before, you may not even know if you will like it.  There’s not much point in committing to...


7 Benefits of Having a Service Business

7 Benefits of Building a Service Business There are many benefits to building a business in the service industry.  This article will share a few examples about why you may want to start your own small business. 1. You Get to Be Your Own Boss If you’re sick of taking orders...


How to Start a Business With Very Little Money

No money? Want to start your own business? Learning how to build a profitable window cleaning business is fun and can be done with very little money to start.  I know because I have done it.   A number of years back, my car was stolen, I was broke, and...


2 Categories of Window Cleaning

The 2 Categories of Cleaning Windows If you have been cleaning glass for some time now, you will know there are 2 categories of squeegee-style window cleaning in the urban environment.  If you haven’t, this page will identify the 2 main categories and how learning one can really help you...

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