All Business Is An Exchange in Value

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, we all share in exchanging money for goods and services in the marketplace. Isn’t it amazing how money can be used and reused many times over in its travels benefitting many people different in the process? It has a way of multiplying value as it gets used in multiple transactions.

Add Value

Something I heard many times when reading about how to earn money was the phrase that you have to “add value” in order to be paid appropriately. I didn’t fully understand it at first and that has changed. I also heard the phrase be in “the habit of doing more than you’re paid for.”

These are simple and profound phrases if you would like to increase your income anytime soon. If you understand what they mean, (and are applying it in your business) you are probably doing quite well financially. If you are not too familiar with these concepts, let me clarify them a little for you.

Perceived Value

For the buyer of a good or service they are perceiving a measure of value in the good or service and are willing to give you a certain amount of money for the value they perceive the good or service to be worth.

Different people with different financial circumstances will have different perceptions of what a good or service is valued at to them. Depending on their financial situation and their willingness to part with their money, they may decide to make a purchase or not. This is their choice to make. You may be able to gently influence their decision somewhat and in the end it’s up to them whether they buy or not.

Develop the Habit

Here’s where it gets interesting. When you can be in the habit of adding value to people regularly, you will begin to see your income increase. There are many ways you can add value to people.  A good place to start is by developing a more pleasant personality. Train yourself to become a more polite and gracious person.

Other ways of adding value might be sharing things you have learned for free on a website like I am doing with this blog. You can share videos that add value to people’s lives on YouTube and other video sharing sites.

People are generally willing to spend money on goods and services that can be in many forms.  Entertainment is a huge industry and you may be able to showcase your talents in a way to create an income for yourself.

When I am on the job cleaning windows, siding, gutters, decks, driveways and more I always focus on doing the best job I possibly can.  I greet my customers with gratitude and joy in my heart. I find little ways I can do a little more than I’m being paid to do.  I take my time and put my heart into my work.  I view their home and/or business as my own and make sure I am careful and respectful of their property and belongings.

Not everyone does this in my industry, so people take notice of my attention to detail.  I make a point of letting them know if I threw in any extras for them for no additional charge.  They always appreciate it and are usually more willing to share a positive review/testimonial for my company website. This goes a long way in adding value for future clients who visit my website.

The perceived value of the good or service you sell can change depending on your state and how you present your goods and services.  Do you view them as a gift you are presenting people?  If you do, you will naturally do things that increase the value of what you are offering people and they will pay you well for it.

Do you view your self as highly valuable based on who you are, who you have become and the value of your skills and talents you generously give to your clients?  When you view your self in this way, people will also view you as highly valuable and be willing to pay you generously not only for the goods and services you offer, they will pay you what they/you feel you are worth.  And if they don’t, that is their choice and you can respect that.

Questions to Ask Your Self

What are some ways you can increase your value?  Where is your self worth?  Could it improve?  What are some ways you can begin to increase your self worth today?

Finding answers within your self to the above questions could potentially increase your income level as you improve your personal self worth (self-esteem).

As you continue to practice the habit of adding value to all, you will see positive growth in your business and many more benefits in all areas of your life.  Make sure you are not doing it with the intention of getting something back from others or you may be disappointed. When you give freely and generously of your talents, skills, and abilities just because you get such joy out of what you do, people will take notice and you will be paid generously.

What value have you found from this article and/or what can you add to this subject from your experience?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in a comment below. Please click one of the share buttons if you enjoyed this article.  As always, thanks for reading.

William R King

William King

William currently lives in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada with his wife Natasha and cat Noah. He has been cleaning windows professionally since 2004. William has worked for multiple window cleaning companies as both an employee and a subcontractor until he committed to building his own business in 2012. His business has grown since to provide a very nice income for the family. Natasha manages the office and accounting of the business as it continues to grow. With 28+ years of experience in the cleaning industry, William's intention with this website is to share his experience and knowledge with people who would like to learn how to create their own window / gutter cleaning service business.

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