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Quote Jobs – Part 1

Series: How to Quote Jobs This is part 1 of a 3 part series on ‘How to Quote Jobs’ for your window cleaning service business. Click here to read Part 2.   Part 1: Gathering Information Before you prepare a quote for your potential customer, here is the information you will...


Creating Positive Results in Business and Life

How to Get Powerful Results in Business & Life There is a simple formula where results come from.  Thoughts lead to emotions, then to actions, and then you get results.   There are many variations and words used for this formula, yet they are all the same.  Here are a...


Blog Series: “Tools for a Window Cleaning Business” 2. Create A Tool Belt

In the previous article, I provided a list of basic tools you will want to buy before starting a window cleaning business. Build Your Own Custom Work Belt The next step in upping your arsenal would be to make your own work belt.  There are many you can buy online....


Setting Business Income Goals

Focus On Your Goal Goals can be likened to objectives or pit stops on the way to a destination. You may have a fairly large goal (destination) in mind for your business, like a certain income level you would like to reach. Next, you want to keep track of where...

Go the Extra Mile 7

Go the Extra Mile

There may be a lot of companies in your city that offer the same services as you. Remember then when serving your customers it’s the little things that make all the difference. Practicing these suggestions can potentially create repeat customers and referrals for you business. Always Clean Up After Yourself...

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