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How To Overcome Fear

Have you ever experienced the fear and terror of doing something new you have never done before?  I know I have.  I’m sure you have too. How do you overcome the fear you feel when doing something you know will help you have a better life in the long run?...


The 3 Steps to Completing Any Project

There are three steps to completing any project in business and life. Sometimes we may get stuck in one of the first two steps and not end up completing the project, so it’s important to follow all 3 steps to successfully complete your project whatever it might be. Step 1:...


The Mindset to Have When Starting a New Business

(Even though this article is focussed on the kind of mindset you want to have when starting a new business, this knowledge can be applied to anything in your life with great results.) Starting a new business can be challenging to say the least. Therefore your mindset is a key...