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How To Overcome Fear

Have you ever experienced the fear and terror of doing something new you have never done before?  I know I have.  I’m sure you have too. How do you overcome the fear you feel when doing something you know will help you have a better life in the long run?...


Realizations and Life Advice

This post is my 30th consecutive post for the month of April 2014.  I have now successfully completed the Ultimate blog challenge of blogging every day for 30 straight days.  (I will continue to blog a little less frequently now.) What I Have Learned Through this experience I have realized...


6 Secrets to Building a Successful Business

This article is a summary of 6 previous articles from this blog.  You can click on any of the headings to learn a little more detail about any of these subjects. 1. Do What You Love You have to at least enjoy what you are doing, otherwise what’s the point?...

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