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Why I Am Doing A 30 Day Blogging Challenge

Well this is day 29 of a 30 day blogging challenge I’m doing in April. It has definitely been a challenge to do this every morning since I run a window, siding, gutter and pressure washing cleaning business during weekdays. I’ve been getting up early every day to write an...


6 Success Tips

1. Succeeding at Anything Takes Patience Success takes time.  It is a process that doesn’t happen overnight, although it may sometimes appear that way. We are not born with patience.  Just like it takes time to travel to a destination, when you have a goal in mind you are working...


Take Time Off From Your Business to Relax

“The More You Do, the Less You Do Well” – Bette Midler When you run your own business it can be easy to be busy working on something nearly all the time.  I’m learning that it’s important to have your work schedule and schedule time to relax and recharge or...


The Journey of An Entrepreneur: My Story

My Story If you’re not enjoying what you are doing, it may either be time for a change of job, or it may be time to start your own business. If you’re like me at all, I always had a hard time working for other people and went from job...

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