Finding the Best Tools For Window Cleaning

A Powerful Tool For Finding Products

Now that we have use of the internet, we have access to finding almost anything at the click of a few buttons. Whether you are using a PC, a smart phone, tablet or any other device with internet access, you can find products you are looking for.

Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines are great tools for finding window cleaning supplies and equipment. It’s simply a matter of using the right keywords when you search online. Make sure you are as specific as possible. You can add the city name, country name, along with the type or name of the product you are searching.

If you are looking for a local business that supplies window cleaning related equipment you might search for “window cleaning supplies” and include the largest city you live near. You could also try variations of the words for potentially different search results.

Now if you are comfortable with shopping online, ordering products, and having them delivered to your home, there are many supply companies in Canada and the USA. You can purchase directly from their website and your order will arrive at your home. If you are cross border shopping, be aware that there may be additional taxes and/or customs brokerage fees to pay before you get your order. Also, depending on the current currency exchange rate you may be paying more in the end even if the initial price is considerably lower than it might be in Canada.

Cross Border Shopping

If you live in Canada, I would suggest you order from a company physically located and shipping from a Canadian address. And if you live in the United States of America, it would be a good idea to order from a company physically located in USA.

I not aware of what the cross border fees are like for USA citizens buying from Canada. If the US dollar value is fairly higher than the Canadian dollar, (like it is at the time of writing this) then it may be to your advantage to order from a Canadian company. Although Canadian prices usually tend to be significantly higher than USA prices.

Always use your discretion no matter where you shop and what country you live in and order from. It’s always good to do your homework before a purchase.

Visit Local Stores

Depending on where you live, there may be a lot of different hardware stores near you that may have window cleaning related supplies. In Canada and the USA, Home Depot is now stocking some basic window cleaning equipment. They tend to stock product for the home owner type person who won’t be using it all the time. So if you’re getting it for personal use this may be a good choice.

If you’re a professional window cleaner who relies on durable equipment to last for years of daily use you likely already know where to look locally for the products you buy. Just in case you don’t know where to look, you can always do a local search online as suggested near the top of this article.

In conclusion, whether you are an experienced window cleaner of 10 years+ or a person who would like to clean their own windows, finding the appropriate supplies is no further than a click or a tap away.

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William King

William currently lives in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada with his wife Natasha and cat Noah. He has been cleaning windows professionally since 2004. William has worked for multiple window cleaning companies as both an employee and a subcontractor until he committed to building his own business in 2012. His business has grown since to provide a very nice income for the family. Natasha manages the office and accounting of the business as it continues to grow. With 28+ years of experience in the cleaning industry, William's intention with this website is to share his experience and knowledge with people who would like to learn how to create their own window / gutter cleaning service business.

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